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Welcome to Synth19.com

Synth19 is the moniker of Ginash George, former owner of a 2003 Nissan 350z. As outlined in this website, this vehicle has gone through various changes and evolutions since the original date of purchase. All performance modifications have been carefully selected with long term objectives in mind.

Currently the vehicle is one of the fastest single turbo 350z's in the country, with more room to grow. From an aesthetic standpoint, the cosmetic modifications were selected to enhance the natural lines and design of the vehicle. In June 2008, Ginash finally sold this car to start an NSX project. Pics of the Imola Orange NSX can be found by clicking here. This site is now archived! I started a new blog which has replaced this site.

Dec 2007: New Feature on Tunerzine.com
Jan 2008: Feature in French Magazine Modify
Mar 2008: Speed Lounge Feature

May 2008: New 100 oct. Tune 520whp/547tq
Oct 2008: Imola Orange NSX Pics Added
Apr 2009: This site is officially retired! Check out my new NSX blog.


July 07 Turbo Mag Feature

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