What's up Chicago Z, this is Whatyugott aka Jonathan, I drive a yellowed out z32tt. I've recently finally pulled my Z out the shop and its running good, tuning and ready for track and street. I'm thiking about visiting race tracks for time attacks, and drag strips nearby Chicago, Indiana, Wisconsin etc. All are Welcome, long story short, I've been contacted by a Producer in the Film Industry who's interested in showcasing the Chicago car culture, cars we modify & race, music we listen too, different styles of influences.

Well if the Chicago Z community is game, at the next meet or event and wants to be on camera, which will be broadcasted later on Netflix & Amazon etc the Director and Producer is on Point. If there's enough interest I believe theirs International exposure possible.

A Date & Time for filming will be set in the future, all are welcome, post in comments with your contact info and I'll get the Ball rolling.

Thanks Chi Z