Yesterday, Fri, July 28, I got to drive a new Audi R8 V10+ (and an Audi RS3 sedan) on the track at Autobahn Country Club, full 3.9 mile circuit, for two 25 minute hot lap sessions, with a ride-along instructor/race driver.

The R8 was truly impressive: style, power, handling, braking, sound, technology. Also, it was:
the highest stock power I've driven (610 hp),
the fastest stock top speed car I've driven (205 mph, though I didn't top 120),
the quickest stock 0-60 car I've driven (3.2 secs), and
the most expensive car I've driven ($200K).

I have to say, it may have a very slight edge on my GT-R on the track. But:
My GT-R is almost 9 years old, with only 480 stock hp.
A new GT-R (565 hp stock) should slightly out-perform the R8.
A new GT-R would cost only slightly more than half the cost of the R8.
The R8 has zero practicality as a DD, with almost zero storage space.

But it was a real treat to drive the R8 V10+ on the track. Thank you Audi Sport, for the opportunity.