Hey All,
Im new here; got my Z in January - love it so far although we went through some stuffs. Well, it's been sitting in garage for a while by previous owner.
I'm having issue with start, idling at lower RPMs and I'm loosing my mind what it can be - I exchanged stuffs like fuel filte, distributor cap, wires, spark plugs, starter, gasket; recently was advised that it can be water in tank so run with sea foam and cleaners, but still no start without adding gas, idling and yesterday the car just 'died' when parking and didn't want to start... But before when on higher rpms >4000 doing great; harsh on start and when stopping on lights or trying to park.
Since have no idea what else to check, I'm looking for a car shop in Chicago area that now 'things' about 280zx.
I have 1982 280zx, L28 v6, no turbo.