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Thread: 17" wheels + '04 Brembo?

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    Default 17" wheels + '04 Brembo?

    Hey I sold my 06 coupe a few months ago (and the stock 19s installed) but still have a set of my JHA ASA 17" wheels with blizzaks. A buddy of mine just bought an 04 with the orange stock brembos...will he have an issue with brake clearance with these wheels? I'm sure a lot of folks ran this setup in the winter...I just don't have experience with those brakes.
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    I would just test fit a front wheel. If that clears, the rears will too since they are smaller rotors/calipers.

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    Brembo is very finicky when it comes to 17's. I've heard Speedy Sirocco will fit easily. Also, 17inch MSR wheels will clear the brembo brakes without using spacers. Check out the car and truck wheels section of 4wheelonline as they have MSR rims.

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