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Thread: G37 TB and MAF

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    Default G37 TB and MAF

    I've had some poor throttle performance in my G37,

    I've been reading that I should address the MAF and or Throttle Body.

    I see two different TBs from Hitachi from my research. Which one is the correct one and what's the difference?

    Also, which MAF would you recommend I go with?

    I've heard about clean both MAF and TB but also read about issues from the cleanings. Which is why I was looking more towards replacement.


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    I finished cleaning the MAF and TB last weekend. MAF looked clean but the TB was pretty filthy. Car feels smoother, now I just need to get that transmission re flash to fix the downshift jerkiness

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    do you have the 7spd auto?

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    That's how you get ants!


    Doubt you need any new parts. The throttle bodies get filthy on our cars. I'd get to cleaning them. (Which I need to do myself)

    Here's a DIY.

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