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Thread: Evanston Nissan doesn't like you

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    Thumbs down Evanston Nissan doesn't like you

    If you're an enthusiast, that is.

    Here's the situation:

    I called a week ago to make an appointment for service on my 1991 TT. The ask was a bit complicated -- ya know, an enthusiast kind of ask -- but I laid it all out simply:

    I have a very small engine tick that is the classic lifter issue on these cars. So I ordered the recommended engine flush from Z1. I also have two, brand-new-in-the-box Nissan oil filters. And I have four, sealed quarts of oil, all ready to go.

    I have no lift in my garage and she's sitting just a little low (Eibach Pro Kit) so, dear Evanston Nissan, can we do this:

    Can I bring in my Z, pay for an oil change (or 2 if you like, considering the process, that's all fine) and you run the flush and then put in the oil, changing the filters as you go and then I'll be on my merry way.

    That's the ask on the phone. Pretty simple, I truly believe.

    The nice but confused lady on the phone puts me on hold to talk to her manager. She comes back a bit later and is confused about a radiator flush vs. an engine flush. I explain it all again. She's got it this time. On hold again. She's back again and fine, no problem, they got it, when do I want to come in?

    Fantastic. How is Saturday at 7 a.m., first car in so we have all the time we all the time we could need on this one.

    And here I am. Saturday, 7 a.m. Manager checking me in, car has never been serviced there. He asks what he can do for me. I ask if there's anything in my appointment notes. Nothing there. So I explain it again.

    The answer is a definitive no.

    I can't believe it. I explain it again. No, the guy says, we don't use other people's parts ... well, except they do sometimes (oil, for example, he says) but they won't this time at all.

    I ask him why they said yes on the phone. He has no explanation. He asks who I talked to. I didn't have her name but reminded him she put me on hold to talk to the manager. He says he's never heard of this, didn't talk to him.

    I'm an adult, early 40s. I'm not a kid. I live in Evanston (he knows this because he entered my address). I have purchased cars from a sister dealership (VW). I'm not wasting his time. It's a reasonable ask that is admittedly unusual, which is why I had called ahead, to avoid this precise situation.

    Evanston Nissan wants no part of this. And that's fine.

    I'll find time at some point to hike my car back out to the fine folks at Project X in Schaumburg.

    But keep this in mind the next time Evanston Nissan wants to pose as enthusiast friendly. My experience is they're decidedly not. And beside that, they're an operation that can't figure out how to get one hand to talk to the other. They're happy to waste your time. They won't be wasting anymore of mine.


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    BTW, for those TL/DR folks: I made an appointment with Evanston Nissan for an engine flush and oil change with my parts. Explained it on the phone before I came in. They said OK. Changed their story when I arrived. Lousy waste of time. Won't happen again.

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    You should find a decent independent shop to deal with for such tasks. Evanston mazda was closest when were recently car shopping. Parking on that street is a joke. Not even sure you can adequately test drive something at < 30 mph. At least many streets are broken up so you can get a feel for the suspension. It's truly amazing they get the traffic they do.
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