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Thread: Help Me - Spare Tire / 19" OEM / Donut - Who else needs a spare?

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    Default Help Me - Spare Tire / 19" OEM / Donut - Who else needs a spare?

    Hey, help a brotha out. Anything.

    I need a new spare tire, a donut and/or wheel.

    I'm bringing my original 19" Forged Chrome one to WheelsAmerica to get it fixed, but its almost impossible to find a new spare tire that fits my car. I just bought a 16" one off ebay that was supposed to fit, and doesn't clear the brakes.

    Anybody got any extra wheels laying around that are 19" or any donuts they don't want?

    In April I'm buying a whole new set of 19" Silver Wheels and then I'm just going to have an extra 4 full size wheels in case I have to use a shitty donut again.

    That being said, anybody have a POS donut they will never use?

    Would anyone like to buy one of the 4 19" Wheels I'm going to buy if you want a full size spare as well?

    I'll have about 2-3 extras next month depending on if WheelsAmerica can fix my current chrome one.

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    becareful. Full size 19" wont fit in your spare wheel Compartment. U will have to put it over the compartment.
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    Not true
    I have a 19" wheel to fit over my brembos in my spare tire spot
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    mine also fit but the height is the problem it willjust stick out more than the donut...

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