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    So I cleaned my throttle body this weekend and now I threw off my idle and it is idling at 800 ~ 900 rpm. I read and researched that I need to reset the Accelerator Pedal Released Position Learning, Throttle Valve Closed Position Learning and Target Idle Speed. Did it and still have the issue. Does anyone know if there is an easier way or a place/person who has a consult-ii who can reset it quickly and for cheap?

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    You can unplug your battery overnight to reset the ECU I believe. Not sure if that will help your issue though.
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    Did that and still nothing :/

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    If cypher can do it I'll help.

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    Bringing this thread back from the thread. I'm having the same issue, caused by what I believe the be the same thing; cleaning TBs. Mine's is a bit more severe I believe. I have the dual TB HR, and my RPMs are bouncing back and forth between 1500 and 2000rpm. I'm reading a lot of nightmare stories about this on the various forums. Anyone have a Consult 2 hook up? I'm in trouble here. Why did I touch the damn TBs!?!?

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    Not sure if many people will have consult II. When I had my z I went to the dealer to have them reset the throttle body and the idle went back to normal. Cost ~$100 though.

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    This happened to me on my G37 coupe, went to a local shop after a code came up they cleared it only to have reappear 3 days after. My next stop was infiniti and the bill was 1700$ both throttle bodies had to be replaced. Hope you don't have to go thru that.

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