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Thread: Anybody do paintless dent removal or know anybody?

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    Default Anybody do paintless dent removal or know anybody?

    Some piece of shit slammed their door into my car and drove away.Anybody know where I could get this fixed for less than $350.That is what I was quoted at some place and it seems kinda high but I dunno.

    This is when it first happened.

    This is what it looks like now.

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    Probably will cost you $150 if you go directly to the PDR guy if not a little less. I lost contact with the guy a shop I use to know uses. Just ask shops for their guys # and give him a call directly.
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    I have a dent like that from an accident and was told that it would be tough to fix via PDR and probably equally as expensive to replace that panel instead. It has two things going against it: 1) it's a crease type of dent rather than a rounded one; 2) it's directly on a hard body line. Yours is on a huge body panel though, so I'm guessing the panel would be much more expensive than mine was.

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    First I can tell you that couldn't have happened in a worse spot. Good news is, even though it is a tough fix, I think it is repairable. Any good reputable body shop with body guys who know what they are doing can work that out, I would expect it to cost anywhere from $100-$250.

    A good friend of mine has a body shop in Lockport, IL. He's the only person I trust to do body work on any of my cars. The shop is Gombosi Auto, ask for Joe or Matt. (815) 838-6844. Bring it over and have them take a look, he will give you a quote, and at least some honest insight as to what it is really going to take to make it look right.

    Matt has been a good friend of mine for years, you can tell him Tony referred you. Good luck.

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    Default Anybody do paintless dent removal or know any

    Hi guys,

    I have a scratch and small dent plan on my insurance and they have told me I can use anyone to have the claim done, so wanted to know which of the detailing guys do small paint less dent removal as well as full detailing?

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    Default Anybody do paintless dent removal or know anybody

    Uncle Gary fix my dent on the wheel arch before. But still need to do a bit of paint job which he dont provide though.

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