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Thread: Chicago Z (How do we improve the community/ Get people excited)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Rice View Post

    2. Freshen the look & feel? This forum seems to be a sister site to jdmchicago.
    4. More\better DIY documentation and info sharing. Personally, I believe the worth of a forum is the level of detail of the how-to info it archives.
    Agreed heavily. The site could surely use a bit of a refresh.
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    A "refresh" isn't going to change anything. Content, meet-ups, and activity is what changes things.
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    How about a new 3.7L twin-turbo Z for $30K, something that would put a FR-S to shame in the styling department... that would light this place up! A stripper car, no iPoop center counsels, LED trick instrument clusters, no heated/azz cooling seats, etc.,etc., a mildly appointed car that's light with a whoop azz engine, drivetrain and suspension.... wait, maybe that's what Nissan is already doing for 2016, lol!
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