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Thread: August 2011 Car of the Month - illinifan007's Z33

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    Talking August 2011 Car of the Month - illinifan007's Z33

 What got you hooked to the 350Z that you ended up purchasing it?

    I got hooked when I saw the Z at the Chicago Auto Show in 2003. I wasn't into modding, JDM, or anything like that at the time, i just liked the car, the performance stats, and the price . There wasn't anything really like it performance wise, besides the mustang and camaro, which it was completely different from, and the RX-8 which my cousin already had and I wasn't too big a fan of. The problem I had was the fact I had just bought a brand new Dodge Durango R/T in 2000, which i loved and didn't necessarily want to get rid of. When gas prices in 2004 though hit the unbelievable price of $3 a gallon, I had to get out from under a 20 gallon tank, 10 mpg, and 52 mile commute. So I traded in the Durango for a brand new 2004 350Z with about 26 miles on it. What action does your 350Z mostly see? drag, autox, road race, show car, weekend car, and/or daily driver...

    illinifan007: Action? Like sex action? It's a small, uncomfortable car, so not very much. OH, Ohh, I see.... drag, autox, etc. Not very much yet. It's pretty much a weekend car. I have aspirations to take it to a track day or autox, but for right now, its a weekend car, moving closer to show car than race car. Eventually i'll put it on the track. I already bought a helmet. LOL Any performance specs? 1/4 mile@mph, whp/wtorq, track times...

    illinifan007: None really. Before I put any mods on it though, I took it to Sound Performance for a baseline dyno run. I think my best run was 248 whp, but that was with an open hood and fan in front. Before that, it was 244 whp. I need to get back there to see what my bolt-on mods have added. What are your current modifications? Any future modifications/wishlist? Whether it's performance, handling, appearance, and/or sound system....

    illinifan007: Before October 2009, aside from an Alpine head unit and 10" JL Audio sub, my car was completely stock. I had never been to a meet, nor even heard of For some reason, I decided I wanted to install a cold air intake so I did some research online and discovered My first mod was a JWT Popcharger and CF intake tube. My first meet was at Fuddruckers in Schaumburg. After that the mod bug bit really hard. I followed up the intake with 19" Volk GT7 wheels, Topspeed front diffuser, Chargespeed side skirts and end cowls, HKS Hi-power exhaust, Tein BASIC coilovers, SPC camber kit, polished plenum, 5/16" plenum spacer, and a bunch of other stuff in between. Future mods include a BBK, some more bling in the engine bay, and hopefully a FI setup. It's been a fun, expensive road!!!! Name one thing that you love and hate the most about your 350Z.

    illinifan007: I love the FEEL of my Z when I drive it. It's completely different from my DD, a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep is high, rides real rough, and is only in my driveway because of work and winters. I hate it and what it represents, work and cold weather. The Z represents summer, fun, relaxation. It's low to the ground, sleek, fast. I love driving it around town. I don't hate anything about my Z. If I did, I would already have plans to trade it in. Instead I keep making upgrades. I plan on keeping it FOR-EV-ERRR!!!! FOR-EVVV-ERRR!!!!!!

    Current Modifications:

    19" x 9.5/10.5 Volk GT7
    10 mm H&R Trak+ spacers, front & rear
    Topspeed front diffuser
    Chargespeed side skirts
    Chargespeed rear caps
    HKS Hi Power exhaust
    Tein BASIC coilovers
    SPC camber kit
    Carbon Fiber air duct

    Polished OEM intake plenum
    Motordyne 5/16" plenum spacer
    JWT Popcharger
    Mishimoto radiator hoses
    Pi-thon hose locks
    Zee Toyz fluid caps
    CF Engine cover and battery/fluid covers
    NRG CF hood dampers

    Kenwood Exelon DNX-8120 head unit
    JL Audio 10" subwoofer
    Focal Polyglass 6.5" door speakers
    Project X Customs door pods
    Soundstream Stealth amplifiers

    Future mods:
    More bling for the engine bay
    FI setup

    Special thanks to Sean for taking the photos.
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    Congrats on the "comeback" COTM!
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    awesome, congrats
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    Car looks great bro. Congrats. And woot woot to cotm

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I added "thank yous" to my text, but the changes weren't included, so here they are...

    Thanks to:
    Sean - for taking some awesome pics with little to no help from the other mods. what a bunch of JERKS... LOL! Seriously, the pictures look great. Yo skillz r cummin along nicely brah....

    Project X - for putting up with my million questions. My car wouldn't look like it does without their help. Thanks for your patience, suggestions, and sharing of knowledge.

    John & Khanh - for your help with DIY installs and suggestions on potential upgrades.

    ChicagoZ Community - my gf hates you guys, but I enjoy meeting new people, seeing your cars, and talking to fellow car nerds. The shows, meets, etc. are always fun. Thanks for posting pics, sharing information, and generally being a fun, open place to come and comment on cars, society, and whatever else comes to mind....
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    Congrats! Car has come a long way!
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    LOL, congrats again! Have to say that some of the pics don't do this car justice. Have to see it in person to see how low and clean this thing is

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    Congrats... I remember your first meet!

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