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Thread: Private Classified RULES- READ BEFORE YOU POST.

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    Default Private Classified RULES- READ BEFORE YOU POST.

    1. No Commercial Sales! You should contact me via PM or email for information on getting permission to post commercial sales in this forum. (This rule also applies to Direct Retail, "hookups" Group Buy, and sales of Quantity).

    2. No bootleg/pirated, illegal material, firearms, or stolen property, is to be sold in this forum.

    3. Please post in your thread when each item has been SOLD.

    4.If you are NOT INTERESTED in an item that is up for sale: DO NOT POST IN THAT THREAD. Please do not talk to your buddies or post irrelevant questions or comments. NO THREAD JACKING WILL BE TOLERATED.

    5. You must have at least 15 posts to start a new thread in the private classifieds section. If you attempt to start a thread with less then 15 posts, you will receive an error message from the forum software.

    6. If you post whore to get 15 posts, you will be banned from this site.

    7. Bumping Threads: MAXIMUM of one bump per day.

    8. Please do not create new for sale threads for the same existing thread. Please simply bump the original thread.

    9. You must post PRICE and PICS OR your thread will be DELETED! Click the link to see how to upload pics -> Disclaimer:

    1. We do not promote/endorse any products listed for sale here.

    2. All transactions are the responsibilities of the parties involved. Use sound judgment in making purchasing/payment decisions; we are neither responsible nor liable for false advertisement of products, lost sales, and/or products not received.

    Please show respect to each other and abide by the rules. Thank you!
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