View Full Version : Need home appliances? webstore finally opened!

10-27-2010, 09:39 AM
Hey guys,
as some of you might know from previous TV sales, I manage retail/online sales at my company.
If you are a contractor or just need a set of washer/dryers, let me know and I can get you some great deals on Home appliances.

Brands we carry is mostly limited to LG (www.lge.com) but they are strong competitor to samsung in consumer electronics and have better rep. and review than samsung in major home appliances, especially washer and dryer.

The items are refurbished and comes with 90 days warranty directly from us, but you can purchase ext. warranty at dirty cheap rate. (ex. 5 yr ext. warranty on any major home appliance is $80 bucks..3, 2 yr. rates are much cheaper)
functionality is 100% guaranteed for 90 days and cosmetic condition is about the same as brand new with maybe 1 or 2 hairline scratches not visible from 10 ft. away..

Extended warranty is covered by CPS and comes with fully transferable parts/labor coverage with zero deductible.

you can check us out at www.refurbkinginc.com. we just opened our webstore so its still in progress, but if you need any LG products that are not featured on our website, pm me or call me. Products are being added on a daily basis.
If you see any products you are interested, let me know and I can def. give CZ members better pricing than our website advertised price :thumbsup:

If you need to talk to me about any of our products or pricing, call me at my direct number: 847-462-6814.

thanks! :grouphug: