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  2. Joe the Plumber = the devil
  3. RONNY WOO WOO for Obama loud and proud...
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  13. Nation Finally Shitty Enough To Make Social Progress (Onion Satire Article)
  14. second stimulant check?
  15. Christian Extremists FTL
  16. Sould the Government Bail Out the Big 3 Automakers?
  17. Super Obama World
  18. William Ayers Interview
  19. F*ck The City of Chicago
  20. Israel and Palestine
  21. Clinton: potential candidate for secretary of state
  22. Kansas Pastor still says Obama is a Muslim
  23. Get Yo Barack On
  24. Barack's choices for staff?
  25. Law Suit Claims President-Elect Obama Isn't U.S Citizen
  26. Gov. Blagoabitch is in custody!
  27. Sign the petetion!
  28. Oprah and Obama Joke
  29. Rep points (question inside)
  30. Obama to provide "nuclear umbrella" for Israel
  31. IL First Lady and Obama
  32. Todays Market should be WILD!
  33. Illinois lease laws...
  34. Who would nail Pailin?
  35. Bush almost hit by shoe!
  36. economy help idea???
  37. A suppliers repsonse to GM letter
  38. Nutcase religious ppl
  39. 'Deep Throat' dead at 95
  40. He is literally a cockroach
  41. Graphic vid of IDF Strike in Gaza
  42. Law makers want to increase taxes on fuel
  43. Pelosi is a dumb....
  44. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General!
  45. Bush rules
  46. Inauguration day
  47. The gun ban in Britain...mirrors Chicago problems
  48. Will America fall?
  49. Big Brother: Bush Administration Edition
  50. Obama "I'll do whatever I like"
  51. obama-rama
  52. Obamas into fisting????????
  53. ummmm...
  54. Obama And Emission Standards
  55. Conservatives: "Don't say we didn't warn you."
  56. Akorn gets stimulus money
  57. The Democratic Stimulus I thought we were supposed to create jobs
  58. Blagojevich Booted!
  59. For you few Second Amendment Lovers
  60. Blago RAP LMAO
  61. Another one? People working in gov't should probably make sure their taxes are paid.
  62. Pastor with 666 tattoo claims to be divine
  63. Cheney still trying to scare us...
  64. Illinois Sherrifs back CCW in Illinois
  65. Senator Lindsey Graham says Obama is AWOL
  66. thoughts on upcoming stimulus.
  67. The most shocking, newsworthy video of all time!!!!
  68. GOP working against republicans who supported Stimulus Plan
  69. Blago's pointing the finger at Daley
  70. Mr. Burris...paging Mr. Burris...
  71. Waisis Cartoon about Obama?
  72. Illinois passes new gun law, but will it really help?
  73. Rick Santelli flies off the handle lol
  74. Taxing by the Mile?
  75. Should Bush Administration be prosecuted?
  76. Alan Keyes: Obama is a Radical Communist
  77. Should Rahm be audited?
  78. State of the Union
  79. Vince vs Scientology
  80. Nearly $1 trillion in new taxes
  81. Stimulus jokes
  82. CA: New Marijuana Tax Legislation
  83. new political party
  84. 2nd economic stimulous plan??
  85. Obama Mirrors Cheny
  86. "I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car"
  87. 'Use vision to protect planet'
  88. I came across a stimulus package that I support!
  89. Income taxes...I've been getting schoozed my entire life!
  90. Recession over this year?
  91. The offical we love AIG thread
  92. Barrack Obama: Disclose X-Files On Anti-Gravity Technology !
  93. Barack Obama: A handicapped bowler?
  94. Pure Ownage and a few of my thoughts
  95. Blago Indicted!
  96. National TEA PARTY DAY April 15th
  97. Obama: US Citizen?
  98. Right Wing Extremeists !
  99. Why California is broke....
  100. Freddie Mac CEO dead
  101. I found this hilarious:
  102. Obama speaking at correspondents dinner...
  103. On sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs
  104. How Long Until You Consider Yourself An American
  105. new use of tax dollars? lol
  106. Glenn Beck flips out lol
  107. Funny political video!
  108. Operation Northwoods
  109. Interracial Marriage Denied
  110. Think closely about this...
  111. Vote for my Father!! Primary voting 2/2/10
  112. Senator suggests banning Japanese cars
  113. Health Care Reform Summary Section by Section, Happy Reading
  114. Health Care reform/failure
  115. Sarah Palin Reality Show
  116. O'bama income
  117. This is America, right?
  118. Amnesty Bill?
  119. Why I'll never move back to my beloved Chicago...
  120. The Bill of Rights comes to Chicago!
  121. Sign this petition and help stop total government control!
  122. Why do we have political ad banners?
  123. Illinois State Income Tax Increase
  124. Internet sales tax
  125. Bin Laden Dead?
  126. No Fly List
  127. I thought our country was broke!
  128. Please love and cherish what u have
  129. Gas prices and fuel economy
  130. Who is John Galt? - Oct 12, 2012
  131. President Trump!